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Featured Books

The Billionaire’s Stripper” by Catarina Rothschild

4 billionaires invite one of America’s most celebrated exotic dancers for week of fun and perverted delights in Monte Carlo. At the end of the trip, they give her an chance to receive 10 million dollars and live in polyamous relationship.

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“Magnet of Madness” by Joric McLean

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Did you ever have to fire 9 people in one day? Has a colleague ever offered you $1,000 in cash to keep your mouth shut about something you witnessed? How about dealing with 4 baby mamas at the same time because their professional, married, athlete lover couldn’t manage to fill out simple benefit forms? Maybe you had to tell a newly widowed wife that her now-dead husband left a million-dollar policy to his ex because he forgot to change the beneficiary? I’ve been at the epicenter for these maddening conversations and many more.

From getting my tires slashed by co-workers for outperforming them to having a co-worker loosen lug nuts sending a tire flying off while driving, I’ve been in some hairy predicaments with one common denominator; ME! Whether as an employee or a member of management, some of my worst decisions turned well, and some of my best ones blew up in my face. The stories are ridiculous, cringe-worthy, and relatable. After reading through them, ask yourself, what would you have done if you were in my shoes? Would you have been able to keep from being your own Magnet of Madness?

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My First Love Poetry” by Xavier I. Allen & Donita J. Clark

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Poetry is the language of expressive love. A passionate discovery to understanding oneself. Poetry was the one thing that helped me learn to love the good, bad and the ugly within myself. I consider it to be my first love outside of myself and family. Dark & twisted met by power & love. This powerful combination of expression is an artist emotional explosion of feelings.

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Eco/logical R/evolution, is the story of mankind, told with words of a great subjective odyssey, the never-ending quest; for objective truths and collective Eudaimonia. The author raises the issues; of political weakness and widespread confusion, about logical analytical errors, which we find in Old Marxist Ideology. A conscious effort is thus made, to expel the mental subjugation of Platonic Idealism, away from the clenches Aristotelian Realism and its bastard offspring; Old Historical Materialism. The book identifies, in the works of Darwin and Marx, a wide range of worrying philosophical incompatibilities, such that are clearly found; in their respective theories and research methodologies.

We hereby propose; that a New Marxist Philosophy of Science, stands a probable chance, at unifying the Natural and Social Sciences. As the convergence of truths, thus is mapped out in detail, the author out of necessity, invokes Marxist Metaphysical Identity, for the sole purpose of; presenting a teleological framework for New Marxist Theory.

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The Big Germ” by Sheila Miller

This rhyming kids book expresses the feelings kids have regarding Covid and helps guide to express themselves. This will help start the conversation of why we need to be careful and patience for normalcy.

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“Blue Forty-Two: A Quick Snap Novella” by Rayvn Salvador 

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Blue Forty-Two is part of Kristen Proby’s With Me in Seattle Universe.

It only takes a moment to change a life.

In a matter of seconds, an unexpected and devastating injury shatters Holden Cramer’s chances of ending his nineteen-season career on a high note. That brief moment in time not only irrevocably alters who he is, but also his relationships with everyone and everything around him.

Yet one look can jump-start another.

Tamryn Miller worked hard to get where she is: one of the youngest and most successful female injury management doctors in the league. She knows what goes into ensuring the players’ welfare, and what happens when those needs aren’t met—her past guaranteed that. With one look at the incredibly handsome quarterback as he lay writhing on the turf, Tamryn knows exactly what she needs to do…even if she has to ignore the burning attraction between them to do it.

Forced together by fate and pain, Holden must learn that he’s not an island, and sometimes, all you need is a little help from your friends—especially when those friends are ones you want in your life forever.

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The Red Diamond” by Emily Flowers

She is a wizard. He is a normal human. She knows that these sweet moments will soon be just a dream.

Iman has respected and obeyed her grandfather Charles and his teachings all through her young life and for this reason Charles trusts her to always be responsible and keep the wizard code of conduct close to her heart, especially the ruling whereby a wizard can never fall in love with an ordinary human. He even gifts her a magical red diamond to keep all humans away from her.

But Troy is so irresistible. This science nerd is the hottest guy in class, and Iman is happy to be scientifically examined by him. Whatever it takes, she wants him! Nothing can hold her back, not even the red diamond!

Charles is not your typical grandfather. As the chief wizard, he is not someone you can easily outwit. Will Iman be able to keep him in the dark about her relationship with Troy? What price is she going to pay for breaking the code? What mystical power does the red diamond hold?

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