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August 26, 2021
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September 17, 2021

“A Better Me!!! Fundamentals for an Awesome Life!” by Charles J. Gunnip

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A Better Me!!! is filled with the basics fundamentals that should be taught in school and needed for a fulfilling successful happy life.
You will discover the power to reach your goals, expand your range of thinking, develop stronger relationships/friendships, give yourself additional options and opportunities, as well as so much more.
You will learn through building on these essential fundamentals, such as acceptance and attitude, to be a calmer, more confident, and happier person.
The content will give you a greater understanding of both our values and beliefs. You will be taught to be empowered in the chapter “The Voices in my Head”.
By you creating “A Better Me” with the wealth of this books knowledge you will create a better life for yourself, and a better world will be exactly what you have created!

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