September 1, 2018

Mary Brooks

“Mary Brooks: A matter of Time ” by Claire Rye  | Website | “Take my words, accept what you will, reject what you must but promise me […]
October 3, 2018

President Donald J. Trump

“President Donald J. Trump, Erased From History” by Roderick Lyle This book provides a succinct analysis of Trump’s extremely polarizing presidency through the fall of 2018. He […]
October 5, 2018

Rage Has A Hold On Sammy

“Rage Has A Hold On Sammy (Coloring Book)” by Angela Wiggins | Website | Kobo | Amazon UK | Barnes&Noble | Rage Has A Hold On Sammy […]
October 8, 2018

The Black Craft

“The Black Craft” by The Black Craft Ties between Witchcraft, Christianity & Voodoo and the Genocidal History of Haiti, the West Indies, Colonial Americas and Slavery This […]
October 9, 2018


“Reunited” by Marcella Swann | Website | Facebook | Sienna I never hook up with bad boys . . . except for that one time. I knew […]
October 12, 2018

Outgrowth of the Brain

“Outgrowth of the Brain” by James Field | Website | Alf and Bert, the burly new security guards, are no match for professional thieves who break and […]
October 19, 2018

The Billionaire Princess

“The Billionaire Princess” by Christina Tetreault | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Following the betrayal of a former lover, billionaire Sara Sherbrooke swore off relationships, too […]
October 22, 2018

The Gut Book

“Healthy Gut Healthy You” by Mallika Dhingra Welcome to my book on a Healthy Gut, Healthy You. A Book About Body Care, Cleansing Program, Diet Plan, […]
November 13, 2018

Lest Your Heart Faint

“Lest Your Heart Faint: My journey with Jesus through the fires of bipolar and bisexuality” by Dawn D’Espoire If you long to walk arm and arm with […]