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May 31, 2020
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June 2, 2020

“Desire Over Virtue (Book 1)” by Sean Matthew 

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A LOVE that breaks a VOW

Chloe and Duke have been married for four years and have faced nothing but turmoil. Their marriage has been put to the test many times, with Chloe at the epicenter. Chloe who is burdened with a full-time time job at the American Eagle headquarters finds it hard to balance a needy husband, a complicated best-friend, and a new lover. Chloe is forced to dwindle in a web of lies and dissatisfaction but her conscience will never allow her to execute half of what she wants. Her heart is burdened to fight for her marriage, but a part of her wants more; added passion, a sense of belonging, a greater connection.

When she meets Dexter, she feels these emotions and more. Her life is rejuvenated with lust and excitement. However, this new relationship doesn’t come without consequences, but Chloe longs for it. Though allowing her to grow personally, it has stressed her marriage, and her husband can only bear so much.

  • Will Chloe’s marriage remain intact?
  • Will she continue to live a life filled with turmoil?
  • Or will she follow her heart?

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