Kilmer’s Ghost

Mountain Of Fangs
November 1, 2021
On Top of the World
November 4, 2021

Kilmer’s Ghost: Astar’s Blade” by Joe Lyon

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The legends say the Sanguine Forest is haunted by evil magic.

Those that dare go in, never come out alive. But those are just tall tales, aren’t they? Ever since he was a young boy, a ghost had been appearing to Kilmer in an unlikely other-worldly friendship. Making Kilmer the perfect choice to go into the Sanguine searching for the King’s missing archer. Guided by his ghost and bent on revenge, he is doomed to bear witness to the cataclysm around him. Helpless to prevent the birth of a brand new evil, his life comes down to whether or not he can be saved by Kilmer’s Ghost.

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