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October 18, 2021
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October 24, 2021

“Mommy’s Parables” by Katima Epting-Wiley

Sometimes life can be so simple, yet so complicated through our eyes. Much of the time, it’s a lack of understanding of our Creator. It’s because we see our Creator as a far off, tyrant like God, who cannot relate at all to humanity- especially our pain and suffering. That’s an erroneous perception.

When we fail to see our God as a loving parent, we miss a great deal of lessons and blessings. He loves us, and most of the time when we believe He doesn’t hear us, He’s giving us answers. He shows us a reflection of our and His relationship through various earthly relationships- especially in our relationships with our children.

In “Mommy’s Parables, you will understand more of how God communicates with, sees and loves us.
In these series of parables, it’s my hope that you draw nearer to the heart of our Heavenly Father and feel the love He has for you.

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