Monsters of the Deep

April 13, 2021
Planting Seeds to Grow Flowers
April 18, 2021

“Monsters of the Deep” by Dylan Walker

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Keshav Bose is back in the field. This mission will send him to tropical islands, tempestuous seas, and the very gates of Armageddon.

Special Branch agent Keshav Bose wants a mission, but the Intelligence Bureau is preoccupied with economic turmoil at home. On a dull assignment in Muttom, he reconnects with his brother-in-arms Rajiv. Together they uncover a smuggling ring. But the contraband is not gold or diamonds … it’s nuclear material.

Contending with a ticking doomsday clock, a shadowy shipping magnate, and a deadly accurate assassin, Bose travels from India to the Maldives to Cambodia in pursuit of this dangerous cargo.

Along the way, he will join forces with a muckraking South Korean journalist, a bitter CIA veteran, and an alluring Swiss banker. Together they will face danger at every turn. The mission brings them from the lap of luxury to the foreboding shores of North Korea. Soon, they uncover a nefarious criminal organization with international reach.

Can Bose prevent a nuclear weapon from falling into the hands of a rogue state? Can he protect those around him from an enemy that kills without hesitation?

There is no law on the open sea. Keshav Bose will fight to keep the peace.

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