Trans Parent Diary
November 10, 2021
WWHW, Why, What, How-To, What-If
November 21, 2021

“My Name is Sam” by Samantha Carbon 

When Sam, a bright and high-spirited professional working for an investment bank, walks into work on Monday morning, she thinks it’s just going to be an ordinary start to an ordinary week.

But one quick and tense exchange is all it takes to change that.

When her somewhat passive-aggressive, hot-this-week-and-cold-next-week colleague randomly hurls a racial slur at her in the middle of the workday, Sam’s previously comfortable life immediately turns into one filled with stress and anxiety.

In the aftermath, Sam’s choice becomes clearer and clearer.

She can continue to ignore the nagging voice inside her, the one telling her that she’d better not just “let this go” and lose all respect for herself. Or she can speak up to the powers that be and demand what is right…possibly losing her livelihood and the only career she’s known for two decades in the process..

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