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May 8, 2020
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May 12, 2020

Nebulan” by Kailyn Christie

To Nebulan, a ventrilian assassin whose breed are fierce and feared by all the realms of Delmasia, murder is a thing of true beauty. The influence of Novadark, his elf companion, was once enough to hold Nebulan’s untamed wildness in check. But after failing to receive payment for a job, Nebulan embarks on a dangerous quest for vengeance, a quest that leads him to the human girl, Skylar.

Skylar is born into a cursed bloodline, a curse that would see her wielding so much power it terrified those charged to protect her. But without the sceptre of carnage, buried in a city that hasn’t been found in thousands of years, Skylar remains powerless. Learning not only of the ultimate power this human girl could wield, Nebulan discovers that she would be able to transfer her power over to him, but with deadly consequences that would ensure for the realms of Delmasia.

With the hesitant Novadark in his company and the frightened abducted Skylar forced to be their guide, Nebulan begins a terrifying quest to bring Skylar and the sceptre together, no matter what!

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