Patronel and Soriela

This Glorious Love
January 16, 2021
Red Winter
January 24, 2021

“Patronel and Soriela” by Fănica Rarinca

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Discover an empowering fantasy tale about never giving up!

Patronel is a courageous and determined man who never gives up on his dreams. Always remembering to be kind and fair to everyone, his skills and wisdom make him famous around the world. But when an evil wizard turns him into a toad, Patronel finds himself in serious trouble. An ordinary man would have given up – but Patronel is no ordinary man!
Determined to find a way to communicate with humans and change himself back into a man, Patronel must face every obstacle that his new life as a frog throws at him and triumph over the odds. But little does he know that his faithful employee Soriela will be there to give him strength and guidance every step of the way.

Specially crafted to inspire and empower readers to overcome challenges and never give up, this powerful story imparts valuable lessons about determination and triumph over hardship. As a fun and engaging fantasy story with a twist on a fairy tale trope, Patronel and Soriela makes for a memorable book that kids won’t soon forget.

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