Pre-Investment For Most In Oversimplified Words

The Billionaire’s Stripper
February 26, 2021
Sleepy Christians
March 1, 2021

“Pre-Investment For Most In Oversimplified Words: What To Start Investing Before You Do” by GOD-N-T

Learn what you should do before starting to invest. Put in very simple and understandable words, this book is the reflection of examples to paint a picture of years of research, conversation with financially established individuals brought into sentences. The findings are boiled to seven key words that are repeated enough to catch the point of the book and start your way to the level of financial success desired. Almost anyone with a high school education will find it easy to grasp the ideas of what investing should look like before you do. Practical life examples are used where millions of Americans can relate. Within 2 to 5 years financial success, when applying the basic strategies to changing your mind, lowering spending, increase savings, starting investments and character development, will be in reach. Presenting the fundamental blocks to riches is what this book does. The most key idea taken from this is how you think and what you should change in order to move away from the 99% of Americans and into that top-tier 1% that the masses are not taught much of. It alleviates ignorance of what characteristics the rich have to present how any everyday average individual can have extra income or retire. These just start you the road to riches, it does not give you the step-by-step process in how to spend money and where to put it in. You will leave with clarity on how to start this endeavor.

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