The Duke Of Hell

Blackfriars Gate
February 4, 2020
February 8, 2020

“The Duke Of Hell” by Terry L Cook

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Oh yes, he is coming very soon! You see, Planet-Earth teeters on the very edge of international political chaos, economic collapse and World War 3, simultaneously! Washington DC and the United-Nations are experiencing a chaotic geopolitical meltdown of rabidly disenchanted politicians consumed by insanely unexplained hatred; plus, China is threatening global military war as well as an economic trade war; the Middle-East is entangled in never-ending conflict; and Russia has announced the possession of the most advanced nuclear weaponry ever created that’s capable of incinerating the entire planet within minutes!

Moreover, thousands of daily earthquakes are being reported internationally, horrifying weather changes are being witnessed everywhere, new deadly diseases are surfacing globally, food shortages are beginning, general lawlessness and heretofore unspeakable crimes are happening exponentially, and the rise of a new international communist world government called the New World Order. is being touted by many leaders as the only viable solution to such calamities!

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