An Unexpected Renaissance

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May 26, 2022
The Seventh Trumpet Has Sounded
May 31, 2022

An Unexpected Renaissance: Renewing your spirit after a cancer diagnosis” by Amy H. Parsons

Have you or a family member been recently diagnosed with cancer? A cancer diagnosis is life-altering, but it can present an unexpected opportunity for a rebirth of your spirit. In this inspiring short read, breast cancer survivor Amy Parsons offers a message of hope as she shares her own journey of self-rediscovery after diagnosis and encourages the reader to regard cancer as a teacher. Look at life post-diagnosis through a brand-new lens by finding joy again, harnessing the power of your mind to help achieve your goals, learning to forgive yourself and others, and paying it forward.

Although written for cancer patients, this book is also a great resource for their family members and friends to better understand the challenges of life after diagnosis and how they can provide the emotional support their loved one needs during a time of personal crisis.

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