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November 21, 2019
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November 26, 2019

“Artificial Intelligence: a Guidebook for Business Leader to Applied Artificial Intelligence and Prepare for the Future” by Nathalie Jackson

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There is no doubt the world around us is changing. Day in, day out, we hear about technological innovations and how they follow each other at an increasing pace. From these innovations, there is a rising interest in the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI from now on), and this interest is justified. AI is discussed everywhere and is playing a more integral part of our lives. It is part of automatic systems, drones, self-driving cars, new medical equipment, online websites, and more types of technologies that affect us daily.

Most likely, you’re already using some aspects of AI in your life. It may be at home, at work, or when you did some shopping. Though you may not recognize it, you may even be dependent on AI, but are still unaware of it because it seems “normal.” We’re used to so many technologies in our lives that it’s a challenge to give everything a proper place in our minds. The problem of the information overload we face doesn’t help this at all; it impedes it. I know how challenging it can be to decouple truth from falsehood.

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