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February 25, 2020

Manage Your Emotions

“Manage Your Emotions” by Brené Mindful Do you want to be successful in your life? Do you desire to manage your emotions? Do you feel like […]
February 19, 2020

7-Day KETO

“7-Day KETO: Food, Supplements, Science & MORE: Ketogenic Diet Quick Start: Volume 1” by Cordell Hicks Ready to start the Ketogenic Diet? This eBook series packs […]
November 15, 2019

Bright Line Eating Cookbook

“Bright Line Eating Cookbook: Bright Line Eating Cookbook with Quick,Easy Delicious Recipes” by Scott Taylor | Paperback Version | This book contains proven steps and strategies […]
October 31, 2019

High five dating!

“High five dating!: Easy and Friendly 5 Tips Dating Guide for Guys, Who Want to Have a Girlfriend (Dating Pill Book 1)” by Christopher Anthony Augustyniak […]
August 22, 2019

Serious Mass and Fitness

“Serious Mass and Fitness: Guide to gaining muscle and being in the best shape of your life.” by Kannon Garrison If you want to build as […]
July 23, 2019


“Mindfulness: A beginner’s guide to finding peace in a stressful world” by Sandra Stevens Mindfulness is the easy way to gently release stress, stay happy and […]
July 22, 2019


“Self-Discipline: Mental Habits of Life Fulfillment and Positive Thoughts” by Paul Dowling Long Term Sustainable Self Discipline Techniques to Positively Influence Yourself! Successful people are the […]
July 8, 2019

Cooking with Major Protein

“Cooking with Major Protein: Healthy Pancake Recipes for the Hero Inside” by Stephen John Williams  In a world where the sugar trade is at its breaking […]
June 5, 2019

PTSD : A simple guide for Military Veterans

“PTSD : A simple guide for Military Veterans” by James Jones Our troops give their all in protecting our country and our ideals, it is quite […]