College of Marriage

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July 7, 2022
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July 12, 2022

“College of Marriage” by Shri Nagesh

Mary’s mother sends her to College of Marriage to learn the intricacies involved with finding someone to accompany her from earth to heaven. But . . . she is strikingly beautiful, and comes across James, who is very handsome. She has a wonderful friend in Jasmine, above common human frailties, strong willed, and almost a saint. Michael is the close confidante of James, innocent and young at heart. Other characters form the dynamic society in which love plays. College tries to guide the pupils to see the pros and cons in their prospective partners but the storm of youth…

As you read you will see your own school or college where your subtle emotions were at play or will be at play very soon. After reading this clean romance, you will want to share this with your friends, sons, daughters, and to your dates as a way of sharing the kind of pure relationship you seek. No more pining for a Romeo to match your Juliet.

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