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September 10, 2021
September 24, 2021

“Corporate Chemistry: A Practical Guide to 10x Your Profits and Growth” by Poonam Jain

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Learn how to practically use the untapped power of your mind; individual and business energy system to 10X your organisation’s profits and growth by Poonam Jain, founder of Alchemist Zen.
A successful and prosperous organisation is an organisation that is growing and flourishing in an easy flowing manner. There is an abundance of innovation and creativity, which keeps your organisation evolving, and there is a general sense of pro-activity and purpose that can be felt across the complete organisation. If an organisation and your business is not flourishing, then running the organisation and business takes far too much energy and effort. There is an increase of miscommunication and mistrust between employees and management. Employees have become stressed and feel exhausted, and the prevalent feeling throughout the organisation is that of heaviness, confusion, chaos and overloaded with work. Addressing these issues with energy healing can completely remodel and transform the organisation, and your business into a flourishing and successful one.

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