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October 4, 2020
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October 27, 2020

“Lost Causes: Poems hidden in my phones notes” by Chase Wasilenko

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Lost Causes is a short collection of poetry writing on topics of losing hope, losing goals, losing motivation and generally just feeling lost. Everyone has a lost cause. Whether it be relationship, job, habits, or just general life.. Mine was all of the above. Just feeling like a general lost cause with no purpose. Writing poetry was my way of searching. Looking for my cause. Hoping I’d find some meaning in the words. Trying to find anything really. Sometimes the things you find aren’t very pretty, but nature has a way, to always grow through the rubble. They are flowers with thorns. I hope my poems will bring some truthful reflection. Pessimistic at glance, They are always searching for hope. To build from the rubble. To find what was lost.

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