Out of My Mind

Freed by Hope
December 3, 2019
Stoically Yours
December 7, 2019

 “Out of My Mind: A Quirky Look at Life through Poetry” by Miki Conn 

Out of My Mind: A Quirky Look at Life Through Poetry” by Miki Conn is a collection of poems spanning 50 years of writing and observing everyday life.  Conn’s poetric debut, “Out of My Mind” is autobiographical and divided into five sections: Kitchen Wisdom, Love Found and Lost, People Watching, Death’s Front Steps and True Religion.  Each section, illustrated by Conn’s original artwork, reflects on the beauty, challenges, emotions and spirituality of everyday life.  Miki is an artist, poet, storyteller, community organizer, grandmother and Priest of Oshun in the Yoruba Religious tradition, who expresses her life experiences through her creativity. She encourages readers to take a break from self-imposed restrictions and celebrate the wisdom in the small moments of life.  Laughter, tears and rueful recognition will make you glad you did.

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