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July 9, 2022
July 13, 2022

“Physics For Psychonauts” by Boaz Yemini

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If you consider yourself an explorer of Consciousness, then you are a Psychonaut, an explorer of yourself, of your own Awareness. If this is so – this book for you.

This accessible-to-all read, is an attempt to illuminate some of the most pressing issues in both the discipline of Physics and the practice of Psychedelics. On the face of it, it doesn’t seem that these are interconnected, nor that psychonauts should have their own physics book. But, as it has become known, Quantum Mechanics, the model of the Elementary Particles of Forces and Matter, suggests that Observers play an essential role in scientists’ labs. Well, at least some think that, while others see it completely the other way around.

This is why the holistic and critical analysis offered here, is what a navigator of the Mind should expect from a modern intro to physics. Besides an all-inclusive tour through the landscape of Spacetime, and the Energy and Mass that occupy and flow in our cosmic-ocean; some deeper-dives are taken into the current and historical blunders of physicists. It is shown how these errors are still impacting the Philosophy of Physics, and of Science as a whole, and why the road is paved for a new thinker to shock the world, just as Albert Einstein once did.

In this book, Boaz Yemini provides clarifications to some of the most fundamental subjects of the field, and several loaded terms with dual-meanings, that are found throughout textbooks of Cosmology, Quanta and Metaphysics. Besides the issues of energy and consciousness, which are fundamental yet illusive and thus receive much attention here, terms such as Information and Data, and notions like Gravity and Time (that complicate our physicists more than one would assume), will also be of the main focus.

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