July 30, 2022
The Memoirs of Elikai
September 15, 2022

“Power of Emotions” by Mary Ann Samedi

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Untamed emotions can take your peace hostage and hurt your work and personal relationships.

When you understand your emotions, where they come from and what to do about them, you can change the trajectory of your work and personal relationships.

In Power Over Emotions, Mary Ann Samedi, leadership coach and host of the Set to Lead Podcast shares practical insights for the everyday leader who wants to better connect with people and move towards positive work and personal relationships. Her practical insights will help you develop your emotional intelligence and:

-improve the quality of your relationships and learn how to manage emotions to make better decisions.

-discern ways emotions shape everything you think, feel, and do in life and how to master them.

-strategically manage your emotions and reactions on a consistent basis

Learn to manage your emotions in healthy ways starting today!

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