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Scrivener 3 Express” by Ryan van Konsgaard 

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Scrivener 3 is considered by many as the ultimate tool for writers. By using Scrivener, not only will you manage every single detail of your writing process and have a better outcome, but you will also save precious time as a writer!
This book, complete with screenshots, explains everything you need to know to write, organize and produce a paperback or ebook using Scrivener 3.
As for myself, the author, I have studied in the fields of Education, Policy-Making (BA, MSc) and Marketing (among others). I am an avid writer of fiction and poetry and a literary reviewer with experience in book publishing. I am also an active teacher and academic researcher, and one of my hobbies is being a productivity writer. I believe I have used all these diverse (but relevant!) fields to make this guide as user-friendly as possible, using methods that will help you understand Scrivener’s features in context with examples where appropriate.
This book is ideally designed for the novice user but also contains plenty of information on more advanced features to help writers fine-tune their writing.

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