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February 8, 2022
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February 15, 2022

“THE MIND-SCULPTING COACH: Functional Mental Tools For High-Stress Performance” by D. P. Friesen

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This book aims to shape the mind into the best version of itself, to build it in unison with the body to create a functioning whole where the sum is greater than the independent parts, by uniquely combining the worlds of neuro-linguistics and functional combative-performance. Its methodology transferable to the business world, athletic performance, and generally high-performance venues where high-risk and high-stakes outcomes are in the balance. It will revolutionize your teaching when coupled with a creative and outside-the-box thinker. A template for training the trainers and teaching the teachers, cutting-edge and progressive, holding some keys to human-behavior worth exploring more deeply.

“Einstein said, -The mind, once stretched by a new idea can never return to its original dimensions- This book will indeed stretch your mind, expand your thinking, and organize your mental framework, as well as provide tools that bring its principles into practice where their benefits are realized.” -Tom Sotis

“Strength and progress come from letting go of the old and adapting to worthy, tested new ideas and methods. Darren is a clear example of a person investigating a subject, learning from it, understanding its essence, testing it, and applying it to his life. He has studiously and exhaustively investigated NLP and other related human behavior concepts in order to glean a better understanding of how people tick and their processing of information, which dictates their actions. He has applied his learnings to his martial arts in an uncompromising and brilliant way. In boxing terms, he is a thinking fighter, not a slugger. A great example of brains over brawn. Study the book, test what is said for yourself, and be enlightened.” -Simon Shaw

DP Friesen is the author of “Battles of Attrition”, writer, public-speaker, and counter-violence instructor known in industry-circles for his common-sense, holistic, grounded, cerebral, and logical approach to the modern personal-defense spectrum.

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